Saturday, September 3, 2011

what tasks in your life should be made into a habit

Have you ever thought that there are some things in your life you should make a habit of doing all the time.

I used to live in the beautiful but big home featured in the photo below.  Suddenly we found it sold and having to move house and then find something new to do with my time.  Routine Habit blog was then born.  Focus's on the tasks and actions that everyone should make a habit and in some cases a routine habit of doing.  

I'm a mother of one, awesome, eleven year old boy who has a passion for tennis, taking over my computer and talking the rest of the time. We live in Ipswich, QLD Australia. Our home is on five acres and we share it with our tennis center which has six tennis courts and a swimming pool. It is summer most of the time here. I say that because our winter days see temps of 24degrees cel, and our mid summer days, in the low 40's mainly. We love it here. There are so many animals that also share our property. Hare's, fox's, kangaroo's and all manner of bird life including kookaburra's, plovers, peacocks, crows, white cockatoo's, pink galahas, rainbow parakeets and when your really lucky, on only the most special of days, you may see our resident cookoo. That is a real treat! He is a very rare bird and only appears every blue moon, however we are lucky enough to hear his most unusual call quite often. We really wouldn't want to swap for anything in the world.
Twelve months later and the tennis centre has been sold.  We now live in a nice home in the country.  Marburg is the name of the little country town.  Only has 1001 population written up on the board.  We like it here but not as much as our old place of course.  The 5acres of the old place however took a lot of upkeep and since not having to do that any more I've been able to devote my spare time to creating my blog named Routine Habit  I only started it in April and since doing so I've seen my visitors slowly starting to increase.  I've posted 20 articles to date and am the 3rd post into my second series.  Here are some links to my most popular posts to date.
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So that's just a little about what I've been doing since moving from our nature sanctuary at the tennis centre.  Hope you will take the time to check out my links and my new blog and leave me a comment on either one to tell me what you thought.