Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Verify your Blogger Blog Tutorial

Why you need to Verify your Blogger Blog

To use Google Webmaster Tools  and the wonderful information it provides you, about your blog. Requires a number of steps for you to take.  Firstly you need to set up a Google Analytics Account.  That will get you a tracking code.  The tracking code needs to be placed inside the main template file of your blog,  in order to Verify the blog actually belongs to you.  This is a separate action to AdSense. It may sound a little tricky, but the hardstuff has been done for you.  All you need to do now is follow the tutorial below. 

Skip straight to Webmaster Tools Tutorial

If your in a hurry, you can skip down the page until you get to the tutorial, that is if you have a Google Anaylitics Account already.

Skip straight to Analytics Account first, then Webmaster Tools Verify Account

If you don't you can skip down the page until you get to :if you don't have an Anaylitics Account, and start from there.

Time to start working on SEO

So many bloggers I see have the most fantastic blogs, however, they just need to take the final step, and start tracking their blogs, and looking at little ways to tweek them, in order too start monetizing them.  Everyday I read blogs, which don't use SEO practises and that is probably the line between them making some money out of their blogging hobby.

Learning what people like and how they use your blog

Just recently, I've started tracking my main blog http://routinehabit.com/blog and it's totally amazing, when you really start to get the big picture about, the actual results, from your blog.  In my case, I have found so many ways of improving my blog through keywords, better category structures, little tips and tricks, which I'm begining to learn, by studying Google Webmaster Guideline.  The thing is it really takes a long time to get the hang of it all and without having the tools to give you the big picture, your really doing a lot of work in vain.  So the first step in making your blog do better in the search engines, thus increasing your adsense earnings, is by signing up for your Google Analytics Tools and your Google Webmaster Tools. 

Leave me a comment about your goals for your blog

I'm going to be sharing each of the steps along the way, so please bookmark my site or sign up to my feed, and you can follow the journey to a better blog with me.  I'd love to hear your experiences.  You can tell me all about it in the comments below, or email me.  My email address is at the bottom of the page.

What do Google Webmaster Tools Do?

Google Webmaster Tools, provides you with reports all about your blog.  Haven't you often wondered things like:
  • What page my articles are showing up on in the search engine rankings.
  • Which keywords are people finding my articles for in the search engine rankings.
  • How long are people staying on my site for.
  • What pages are people most often entering my blog on.
  • Which pages are people exiting my blog from.
  • Who is linking to my articles.
These and many other questions are answered for you, using Google Webmaster Tools.

When to Start your Google Webmaster Account

Once you've posted a couple of articles to your blog, would be the time, to start a Google Webmaster Account.   By keeping a close eye on the information your reports will provide you with, will mean that you will know what is working, and what is not on your blog.

How to Start your Google Webmaster Account

To sign up for your Webmaster Account, requires you to verify that the account in fact belongs to you.  This is a separate action to your Google AdSense Account creation.   It is an easy task providing you follow the steps, in the tutorial in order.

Before you proceed if you don't have a Google Analytics Account, open one now.

  • Note: in order to setup your webmaster account you need to first have a Google Analytics Account.  Simply sign into Google Analytics and enter the details asked for.
  • Will be your domain address, and the country you are blogging from and your time zone.
  • You will now be given a tracking code.  Copy the code by right clicking your mouse and pressing copy.
  • Now we need to place that tracking code into your blogger blog.

Tutorial for Verifying your Google Webmaster Account for your Blogger Blog

Step 1. Go to your Blogger account login.

Step 2. Go to settings - then other - then at the bottom Google Analytics Code
            Right click and press paste.  Now press save and you have entered your tracking code for Google  Analytics into your Blogger account.  ( We are just tying everything in together here)

Step 3. Now you have your Google Analytics Account set up.
            You've added your analytics code to your blogger account.  Now we are ready to place the code into our Blogger Template, to verify the ownership of your Blogger Blog, giving you full access to all the awesome Google Webmaster Tools.

Step 4. Press Template

Step 5. Press edit HTML
Webmaster tools requires you to add code to your html template-image.

Step 6. Now open a new tab by right clicking your mouse and pressing open new tab.

Step 7. Open Google Webmaster Tools

Step 8. Sign into your account using your Google Login Details.

Step 9. All your blogs or your one blog should come up on this page.  If your blog doesn't come up press the add a site button on the right hand side.   Fill in the details for your site.  Your site should already be there from opening your Google Analytics Account.  Press Verify this site.

Step 10. Choose the Meta Tag Option

Google Analytics codes are used to Verify owenership- image


Step 11. Right click mouse to copy and paste the code.

Step 12. Open your other tab where you have your Blogger Template edit Html page


Step 13. Put your cursor next to the  > after and press return to make a line space.

Add meta tag under opening tag then save

Step 14. Right click your mouse and press paste.  Your meta code will fit into that line.  It has your Google code in that line.  Press the orange save button.

Step 15. Go back over to your Google Webmaster Central tab and press verify.

Step 16. The page will say "Congratulations you have successfully verified ownership of the property"
and then the name of the site you were verifying. 

Step 17. Well done.  That's it.  You have done everything that you need to do in order to use all the Google tools that are available to you, for tracking the progress and all the information, to do with your blog.


If you need any further help you can contact me in the comments below.  Otherwise send me an email to : sharetie@gmail.com.  You can connect with me on my facebook page at routinehabit, or lastly i'm on twitter at @routinehabit.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Organize your Most Important Work a CEO's Way (part 1)

I recently read a really inspiring interview of a CEO from a huge publishing house.  The interview was all about how this CEO stays organized with his life at work, home and on-line.  He actually publishes a very successful blog, so as you can imagine, this guy really needs to be organized in order to fit everything in. 

The questions were to-do with staying organized, being responsive, productivity and social media work that he does each day?  This is the first part of the interview.  The second part will follow tomorrow.

Image: Social Media Organization

Social media organization and daily routine

This guy is very highly respected in social media and has tonnes of Twitter followers.  The interviewer wanted to know how much time he spent on social media each day.  Also how he knew what information to share each day.  Did he have some social media organization strategy?

His response was that he spends 20 to 30 minutes each day on Twitter.  He also reads his RSS feeds, and other articles.  When he finds something that is helpful to others he will tweet about that.
Check out this article: four ways to organize your digital life at Social moms.com.  Lot's of great information about keeping organized online.

He also mentioned that it's important to be humble when using social media.  Promote other peoples work instead of your own and the favor will eventually be returned for you.  He said in fact be humble period.  He failed his way forward.  His willingness to continue was what helped him to succeed.


Can be a huge help and can take you very far in today's culture.  People take way to long to respond to everything, especially emails.  The CEO believes in Dave Allen s  G.T.D rule, (2min do it now).  Be organized with your priorities, however be responsive and stand out from the crowd.  When someone responds to him nearly instantly it makes him think that this person must be really smart, sharp, on top of his business and organized. 


When choosing which are the most important tasks to-do, on-line with his blog, he says to network with people that can help your business and can help get visibility for you and your products.  To stay organized, have a to-do list manager as your command center.  Begin and end the day with what is is you want to accomplish.  A to do list is very important in staying organized.  The big secret is a system where your to-do list is always with you. 


  1. Spend 20 - 30 minutes each day using Twitter to share your favorite articles from your RSS feed reader each day.  The information that you know will help or add value to your readers and followers.
  2. Be responsive of requests from people who are important to you.  Your boss, customers etc.
  3. Be humble and share other people work, before you expect your work to be shared.
  4. Productivity: do the work first that gives you most exposure for your work or your product.  To find people to network with who can also give your work the most exposure.  
  5. Organized: Use a to-do list that you can take with you everywhere, and make certain that it is always with you.

Do you have anything that you think should be added to this list?  Please leave a comment below.

Be organized, humble and responsive
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